Judi Gor is a light artist and a light architect sharing her time between Israel and the Netherlands. Her designs have been realised in different assignments in public spaces and exhibitions. In cooperation with the architects Ton Alberts and Joost van Santen she designed a chain of reflecting objects deploying sunlight for the head office of the ING Bank in Amsterdam. In corporation with the architect Eric Hehenkamp, she carried out several projects, such as the Neon Installations for the Fair of Utrecht, a presentation for Queen Beatrix in the Ridderzaal in The Hague and “Change of Atmosphere”, a light and sound event at the Music Theatre of Amsterdam involving twenty four mountaineers.

Between 2002 and 2010 she has been mentoring students at design academies in Israel, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. During these seminars,  she created, together with the students, interactive designs for different cities in conflicts, among others the harbours of Acre and Jaffa, Londonderry and Nazareth.

During the years 2008-2014 she developed designs for interactive light installations along the Amsterdam Waterfront. Interactions i.e. by apps, touch and sound, done by the observer influence the composition of the installations.

In 2014 she realised a Led Installation with colour animation. The installation, made of Led tiles forms a coloured line crossing the Andréa square , in West Amsterdam.

Her design SeatOr  won the final stage for the design competition Collaboration S. SeatOr  is an interactive lighted seat whereby rotation of colours is activated by touch. The design was  exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven (NL).

In 2016 she carried out a laser installation Aureoles for St. F. Xaverius Church of Amersfoort. Twelve columns inside the church were illuminated by Laser beams accompanied by “thunder” sound effects and mist clouds.

In 2017 she carried out an installation in Amsterdam as part of a multi discipline project involving  dance  performance and music. Thousands teacups mounted on a Bamboo construction,  were illuminated and used as a music instrument.


Study background

1973- 1976      Teaching art BA degree (with distinction) the University of Haifa, Israel

1976 -1979        BA degree for Fine Arts & environmental design; The Academy of Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands

2005-2007          Master degree  for urban design (with distinction), The Academy of Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands

 Dance in Laser  design proposal for the Tower Church of Amersfoort  2016

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